Maximum Ride, The Angel Experiment

Maximum Ride, The Angel Experiment


Patterson, James. Maximum Ride, The Angel Experiment. 1271 Avenue of the Americas, New York. Little, Brown and Co. April 2005. Print. ISBN 0 316 15556 X

Maximum Ride, The Angel Experiment, by James Patterson. Emmanuel Cardenas. Recomended Age Group: younger teen

This marvelous journey begins with six extraordinary kids: Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman and Angel. Max (14 years old, girl) is the leader of the flock who are 98% human and 2% bird. They are not all blood related, but are a family. They were at one point labortatory experiments at a secret facility called The School, where Erasers (mutant human wolves, who are the guards of the School) and white coats are. When the flock were little one white coat named Jeb Batchelder felt bad for how badly they were treated so he stole them from the labratory and hid them away where they would be safe from harm from anyone. Jeb was like a dad to the kids, but two years he dissappeared. The kids couldn’t go out and search for him, so they assumed he was dead, that he was killed by the Erasers. One morning when the flock was outside their house, in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains (in southern Colorado/northern New Mexico), out of nowhere a team of Erasers came and began to attack them. They fought bravely, but although the angels are stronger than grown humans they were out numbered by the Erasers and they stole Angel( smallest of the flock, six years old). One of the Erasers that attacked Max was Ari, the real son of Jeb who was turned into an Eraser.

From that point on Max, Fang, and Nudge set out to rescue Angel at The School, Gasman and Iggy stayed behind because Iggy is blind and needed a companion to look after him. In Jebs old files they found a map of the School, its location (in California, death valley), and secret passage ways around the School. Meanwhile at the School white coats made Angel perform several physical tests many times. If she stopped at all they would shock her constantly, even though she was just exhausted. After several hours of flight the flock stopped at an empty holiday cabin to eat what food was there and rest. They accidentally fell asleep for ten hours, from eating too much. At home Gasman and Iggy built a time bomb, they called it the Big Boy, for safety precautions against the Erasers. As the flock was flying over a town, Max spotted a girl being bullied by three guys. So she told the rest of them that she would meet them at Lake Mead, while she became the hero. She fought three guys alone, until one of them pulled out a shot gun and started shooting at her. She ran away as fast as she could, but got partially hit, and therefore could not fly. She later found the girl she saved outside her house, Ella was her name. Ella and her mom helped her recover by allowing her to stay the night, get an x-ray (since Ms. Martinez is a vet), and feed her. They both saw her wings in order to help her. They found a microchip tracker in Max’s arm. When Fang and Nudge arrived at Lake Mead they passed the time practicing their flying with a group of hawks. It turn out that the Erasers did return to the house, but Iggy and Gasman put in the road a tarp that had oil on it, and watched the hummer the Erasers drove crash into the woods. They then went to their old hang out, a shack that miners used. Later the Erasers found them, so to escape they burst through the scieling flying and dropped the bomb on them. At the School when Angel was finished running through mazes in the lab she was greeted by Jeb Batchelder. Fang and Nudge went back to look for Max since she wasn’t returning and Nudge saw a sign that said Tipisco, Arizona in three miles, which is where her parents are said to be according to the files. She then began to fly that way to find her parents, she was imagoning that Max was gone and needed someone to take care of her. There are men asking around the towns near by if they have seen anything or anybody strange, looking for them. Nudge and Fang did after all go to Tipisco to find the address of Nudge’s parents, when three Erasers, including Ari, met them there. Fang was beaten up by the Erasers while Nudge got spray paint cans to spray them in the face to escape, which they did.

When Angel saw it was really Jeb, all she could do was think why he was there, that he wasn’t really dead, why he was wearing a lab coat, and why he dissappeared in the first place. He had a plate of food for her and he said to her that he would explain everything later. Back with Fang and Nudge in the cave at Lake Mead Iggy and the Gasman showed up because they couldn’t stay at home. Max finally said thank you and good bye to Ella and her mom for helping her re-heal. The whole team regrouped and started the journey again toward the School. When the flock was only a couple of miles away from the School they decided that they should land, get some food, and walk the rest of the way so that they aren’t spotted by the enemy flying in. They were lucky enough ti get money out of ATM account that belonged to a man, who was a jerk to another person, who drove off. They received $300. Next they stole/borrowed a van that was parked behind the gas station that they were at in order to get to the School, but first they ate at a burger joint in the next town over. When they were almost done eating they noticed a lot of model looking boys around them. They knew who they were and quickly booked it out of there in the car. They passed through a corn field and crashed back on the road into another car. No one was badly hurt, but when the Erasers came Gasman and Iggy were lucky enough to escape, leaving the rest of them with the Erasers. When Max, Nudge, and Fang were taken to the School they were put in dog cages, and Angel was there next to them, so they saw each other again. Jeb Batchelder took Max into another room there at the School, when he saw her for the first time, and told her that she was made to, and it was her destiny to save the world and that he would explain everything later. That is all the information Jeb could give her for now, he said to trust him. The flock was taken outside to the yard of the School in their cages by the white coats, where the Erasers prey upon experiments. When Ari stuck his finger in Max’s cage she bit it until Ari kicked her cage in front of Angel’s cage where she quickly unlatched it and set Angel free. There was a large group of hawks led by Gasman and Iggy to save them and cause a distraction. All of the hawks attacked the whit coats and Erasers in the area allowing the flock to be free, but as they were taking off Jeb yelled at Max that this was all a test. Max said “I don’t think so”. They couldn’t go back home since all the white coats and Erasers knew where they live, so they decided that they should head east to begin a new life and to find out the true reason why they were created….

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