Star Dust


Gaiman, Neil, Stardust, Harper Fantasy, 1999,

ISBN: 978-0-380-80455-9


Book Talk:

Written by: Neil Gaiman

Reviewed by: Calvin Ho

Recommended Audience: High School

The prologue is short story describing the circumstances in which our main protagonist is born. Dunstan Thorn is to married to the beautiful daughter of the Hemstocks. During the time however there was a market that brought many fair and gorgeous creatures from all around the world. One particular creature caught they eye of Dunstan Thorn. Mad with passion he spent the night with her, after that night the woman was never to be seen again. Several years after that encounter a baby was left at the door step with a small folded piece of paper that said “Tristran Thorn” on it.

Tristran Thorn is now at an age where he is considered a man. He is hopelessly in love with the gorgeous Victoria Forester. On a whim he promises her that if he brings home the fallen star to her then she will marry him. Now on his journey eastbound he encounters many friends and foe. Like the 3 witches who are also after the mysterious fallen star or the strange little man who seemed evil but really helped him. Eventually he reaches the fallen star only to find that it was a captivating young girl.

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