A Game Of Thrones


Martin George R.R. A Game of Thrones, A Song of Ice and Fire. 

Bantam Books Mass Publishing, 2011


Written by : George R. R. Martin

Reviewed by: Alex Jackson

Recommended Audience : Young Adult – Adult

Winterfell is a small, remote town in the center of the the Barrowlands in the Northern continent known for its king Lord Eddard Stark. Stark is a kind but strong-willed man who is remembered best for his sword, Ice, and his undefeated army in battle. The Game of Thrones describes the ways that the kings and his advisers deal with everyday life, the life and well-fare of the city they are guarding, and how they interact with other kings ruling other areas. It is the basis for the T.V. series The Game of Thrones. The Massive volume of characters is very enticing, the plot riveting and the suspense high when certain character interactions are happening.

As the book progresses, Eddard Stark’s family becomes torn apart causing turmoil in the town of winterfell and in the whole of the Northern continent. As the plot moves along, we find out that the war is actually a battle between three rival kings who are all determined to take control of the whole of the empire. It becomes a battle of wills and alliances, showing how life would really have been in the time of kings and serfdoms. The book is full of tragedy, strength, control and deceit. The lords of the empire must fight to survive and maintain control over what their fathers had once conquered.

From the beginning to end, many more characters are introduced.It seems as is there are a hundred characters making it almost necessary to re read the sentences over again to make sure you know who you are reading about. There are not as many main characters as there are important characters in each chapter and each chapter is written from the perspective of a different character.



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