The Fault In Our Stars

Green, John. The Fault In Our Stars, Dutton Brooks/

Penguin Group(USA) Inc, 2012,

ISBN 978-0-525-47881-2

The Fault In Our Stars

Written by: John Green

Reviewed by: Crystal Nguyen

Recommended Audience: High School, Young Adult

Hazel Grace is the girl who lived.  She isn’t a wizard, but she is a cancer survivor. Diagnosed with terminal cancer and the “side effect” of death at the age of 13, Hazel Grace had raised her life expectancy thanks to the wonders of medical technology.  Unlike most people though, she wasn’t too thrilled to actually live her life. That is if one called the act of constantly staying at home in bed with a case of clinical depression, living, but that usually wouldn’t be the case. It certainly wasn’t what Hazel thought at the age of sixteen. As a result of that her parents decided it would be best to send her to a support group where she would meet others that were stricken with long term health problems and illnesses like herself.

For a while Hazel was opposed to the idea of the support group. She came weekly and would sit through depressing stories of other cancer survivors in the group that felt rather apathetic about. She never saw eye-to-eye with anyone in the group other than this one boy named Isaac who had some sort of eye cancer. Then one day a new person came to the support group and his name is Augustus. He was Isaac’s best friend and he was an immediate eye candy to Hazel, but little did she know he would become something more to her. After their first greeting, they slowly became inseparable.

Augustus and Hazel had a strange relationship. It wasn’t the typical high school friendship, but it was on somewhat of a deeper, intellectual level.  They would talk about movies, question the meaning of life, and just about anything really. Soon enough their friendship blossomed into a real loving relationship and from there they would face issues of cancer and illness.

The Fault In Our Stars was almost like an emotional coaster that would either make its readers squirm out of joy one moment or completely tear their heart to pieces the next. It wasn’t just another book with words on a page. It made readers think and question things in life. It is a story that opens its readers up to different ideas of cancer-diagnosed people and how they live their lives. The thoughts and feelings of Hazel Grace are so realistic and just so human that it easily connects to the reader emotionally.

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