The Freedom Writers

The Freedom writers is a novel made up of journal entries of high school kids living in Long Beach, California and their teacher Mrs.Gruwell. The year is in the late 1900’s and at this point of history racism and prejudice are at it highest point in Long Beach. These teenagers live in a city filled with terror. Every time they walk out of their homes they run the risk of being shot to death. Every day they see people getting beaten up or killed. All they know and were taught were to protect their own ethnicity.

Mrs. Gruwell is their freshman English teacher, a white upper class lady. At first none of the kids respect her but over the next four years of high-school their respect for her changes dramatically. Through love and determination Mrs.Gruwell helps these kids to see their lives in a different way. She teaches them about the Holocaust, history and that each one of them is special. She has them, everyday, write down their feelings, lives and anything else they want to in journals. Mrs. Gruwell brings courage and hope to these teenagers. Giving them the gift of love and opportunity


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