The Children of Men



James, P.D. The Children of Men. New York, New York.: Alfred A. Knopf INC. 1992. Print.

ISBN 0-679-41873-3

The Children of Men

Written By: P.D James

Reviewed By: Joey Guevara

Recommended Audience: High School

It Happened gradually. Throughout the early 1990’s, fewer children were being born by the month. It was at first seen as a rare, almost needed change in the world, especially due to overpopulation concerns, But within a span of five years, the amount of children born rapidly diminished, until 1995. The last year any child had been born on Earth. These children were to become known as “omegas”, the last generation. Panic sets in, riots break out, whole cities crumble in fear and confusion as scientists try to define the cause, but to no avail. The world as we knew it is slowly slipping into a bleak, dystopian future as the Earth’s final human population gets older.

Our story sets in the year 2021, Great Britain, twenty six years after the last human ever to be born on Earth was delivered. Our main character is Theodore , a historian at oxford university, and the cousin of Xan, the self appointed warden of England, which has become a police state. As times become less optimistic, Xan slowly transforms into a tyrannical dictator with a gridlock on the people. The society of England slowly deteriorates as prison camps are organized, bands of roving thugs form, and mass executions of citizens becomes a day to day event. This is when Theodore is approached by a group of revolutionaries who call themselves the Five Fishes who require his help to overthrow Xan and restore order to whats left of England.

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