MAUS, A survivors tale


Spiegelman, Art. Maus: A Survivor’s Tale. New York: Pantheon Books, 1986. Print.

Written By: Art Spiegelman

Reviewed By: Bryant Vasquez

recommended Age: High School

The story takes place in a New York City home where a father and his son are having dinner.  The two havent talked much since the death of their wife/mother. The son a young and up and coming writer named Art Spiegelman needs a good  topic to write his next book . He ask  his father Vladek Spiegelman a veteran and holocaust survivor in WW2 if he would be okay if he wrote about his life.  Vladek agrees and picks a time for art to come and listen to his story.

Vladek first talks about how he met the love of his life Anja Spiegelman . She belonged to a very rich family and when they were married he was given money to start his own factory. They were very well off till they had their first child Richieu , thats when Anja started to become very depressed. Vladek goes onto tell his experiences and tragedies about the war. Along the way you will learn background information about the Holocaust and a very specticular life about a man , who gave everything he had just to survive. I strongly recommend this book to evryone.

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