With A Tangled Skein

With A Tangled Skein

Written By: Piers Anthony

Reviewed By: Jered Bragg

Recommended: Young Teens

ISBN 0-345-31885-4

The story is about a young women named Niobe that is forced to marry and young man named Cedric because her parents have arranged the marriage. They both have a great life together, both with their magical talents. Little do they know that they will be forced into Satan’s plan to take over the world. The love of her life is murdered in a assassination attempt on Niobe. Broken down with grief, she tries to kill herself and surpisingly Death comes to save her. While with death she learns about why her husband was murdered as a way to make her weak.

Knowing about the incantations and hoping for revenge, Niobe accepts a position as one of the three Aspects of Fate, only to find that Satan’s plots were tangled into the very Tapestry of Fate. Now the Evil One was laying a trap to ruin Niobe’s granddaughter Luna, who threatened his plans-and he had tricked her son into hell.  Niobe’s only chance to save her son and Luna is to accept a challenge to be decided in Hell and in a maze of Satan’s devising!

About the Book: http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/76660.With_a_Tangled_Skein

About the Author: http://www.hipiers.com/


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    I appreciate your helpful words. great work. I hope you release others. I will carry on reading

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