The Hate List


Brown Jennifer. The Hate List. Hachette Book Group. 2009

ISBN: 9780316041454

The Hate List

Written By: Jennifer Brown

Reviewed By: Shinta Tanamas

Recommended Audience: High School

Nick and Valerie never belonged anywhere, at home nor at school. They both struggled through life and depended on each other to survive. One day a notebook was named the Hate List was created which contained the names of people at school they both disliked in any way or form. Most of the time Nick, Valerie, and their group of friends stayed under the radar. However; Nick had a huge plan to shoot students at their high school according to the Hate List that nobody knew including Valerie.

The shooting was a huge massacre, it was completely unexpected and some people just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. When Nick began he shot everything in his way, killing random students and teachers. Eventually Valerie caught up to him and he accidentally shot her while she was trying to save a person. Nick couldn’t believe he shot her so he himself committed suicide and shot himself. Thankfully only Valerie’s leg was shot and survived the shooting.

When you think the worst part of the story is over, something worse comes up. It’s about time that Valerie starts her senior year and walk the same halls that just a few months ago her boyfriend opened fire. She will have to overcome some of the biggest obstacles of her life, and surprisingly make friends with people she use to hate. She’ll go through troubles at school and at home, but will ultimately grow as a person.


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