Life of Pi

ImageMartel,Yann. Life of Pi, New York: Harcourt, Inc., 2001

ISBN: 0-15-100811-6

Life of Pi

Written by: Yann Martel

Reviewed by: Nicholas Huynh

Recommended: High School

Piscine is a young boy who lives in India. As a kid Piscine is picked on a lot for his name. They all bullied him by calling him “pissing” or a name of the sort. He grows up a somewhat sad life and in doing so he finds himself to explore multiple religions. He learns to isolate each religion so that they never come in contact but one day they collide. His parents discuss with him how it’s wrong for him to be in so many religions.

The book now jumps to him in a new school. It’s a new place so he decides he’s going to reinvent himself, he’s going to make his name before others have the chance to make fun of it. When his turn to present his name he goes up and writes his name on the chalkboard “Pi” hence the name of the book Life of Pi. He does this in all classes to be sure to assert his name instead of letting people make fun of it.

Now here comes the main part of the book. Pi’s father is a zookeeper in fact they own a zoo. One day when he’s 16 his family decides to move over to Canada, so they start to sell the animals to different zoos all over the world. They go onto a cargo ship with the animals going over to Canada called the Tsimtsum. In the middle of the voyage however something goes terribly wrong with the ship and it breaks apart. Pi is thrown onto a lifeboat without anyone on board except for him, a tiger, a zebra, a hyena, and an orangutan. His situation is dire and it seems hopeless.

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