The Devil’s Arithmetic

Yolen, Jane. The Devil’s Arithmetic. Published by Puffin Books, 1990.

ISBN: 0142401099

The Devil’s Arithmetic
Written by: Jane Yolen
Reviewed by: Adrian Tran
Recommended Audience: Young Adults

In The Devil’s Arithmetic by Jane Yolen, the main character Hannah disregards her Jewish traditions and thinks little of them. She believes that this Easter will be just the same old routine as any other year, but she is completely wrong. What she doesn’t know is that she will be transported back 60 years into the past, living as a normal Jewish girl at the time, a time when the Nazis reigned terror in much of Europe. Through her experiences in the 1940s, Hannah begins to find a new-found admiration towards her humble customs and begins to respect her Jewish roots. As the story progresses, Hannah starts to understand the hardships and fear of an average Jew during the dark times of the Holocaust and even though she knows what will happen, she will not be able to do anything about it.

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Filed under Fiction, High School, Historical, Young Adult

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