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Hopkins, Ellen. Impulse. United States of America: Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing Division, 2007. Print.



Written By: Ellen Hopkins

Reviewed By: Dillon Persinger

Recommended Audience: High School Students

         Impulse by Ellen Hopkins portrays the lives of three young adults in Reno, Nevada’s Aspen Spring’s mental institution. In this book, each character, Conner, Tony, and Vanessa, has a different style of writing in the actual book as the Hopkins wrote in stanzas, making it an easy reader for young teenagers. These three teens find amongst themselves hope for their future. They also find love, care, and motivation within their group; things they definitely could not find at each of their so-called “homes”.

Each character has very similar reasons on why they are in this particular institution in the first place, and these reasons, in my opinion, are why they bond and become so close to each other towards the end of the novel. As you begin to read, you understand that in order to be released from Aspen Springs you must follow a strict routine, day in and day out, as you gain levels doing so. Each level gives you access to more and more privileges. In order to complete Level 4, the highest level one could reach before getting let out, you had to complete an obstacle course which required stamina, mental stability, and one’s desire to be free.

All three of the main characters reached this level at the same exact time, as they all went and competed and pushed their bodies to their limits to be free at last. However, this level takes desire and the will to finish, and without this, they would fall short. Will Conner, Tony, and Vanessa all make it ? Will they finally be free and have the ability to do whatever they want? Read the Impulse by Ellen Hopkins to find out!

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