Bog Child


Dowd,Siobhan. Bog child. David Fickling/Random house children’s books, 2008.
ISBN: 0385614314

Bog Child
Written by: Siobhan Dowd
Reviewed by: Mina Grace
Recommended Audience: High School

                Bog child is talking about Fergus McCann an 18-year-old boy. The book starts by introducing the characters. Fergus McCann starts by driving with his uncle Tally. They find a body of a girl up the mountain close to the Ireland-UK border. Fergus called the police and they talk with him. When he ran to see the dead body, he meets Cora and Felicity. Cora was a girl in his age and Felicity was her mother, which worked as an archeologist. Fergus decides to call the girls’ body “Mel” .He keeps thinking about Joey, which is his brother that joined the hunger strike to free Ireland from all the troubles. Fergus’s professor had told him that if he got three B’s he would live a better life and have a better future.

 He then starts to fall in love with Cora. He meets his brothers’ friend, which is called Michael Rafters. Fergus ran every morning to the place where he found Mel. He meets a guard names Owain, which he starts to talk to a lot. Michael Rafters asked Fergus to hide some packets and give them to people across the border because he saw him run in the morning so fast. Fergus did not know what to do but Rafters told him that he will try to make Joey stop getting orders and stop the strike because Fergus and his parents were worried about Joey.

            Fergus found a noose around Mels’ neck. He starts to have dreams about Mel and Rur, which is her lover and her past. Fergus’s test is very close and he is distracted by everything that is happening around him. He is done with the test and goes to drink some beer at the bar that uncle Tally works in as a bartender. He then keeps dreaming about Mel and starts to realize why she died and everything about her.

            Bog child is a very interesting book that takes place in Ireland in the 1980’s. Bog child shows an 18-year-old boy, which is called Fergus’s McCann. He must study for his exams but he is distracted by the fact that his brother is about to die, the packets he is transporting illegally, and the feelings he has to Cora.

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